About bugzbagz

I am Norhayati, Malaysian mother of two girls and recent founder of bugzbagz. 

I have always been very close to my daughters and much involved with school matters. I usually spend a lot of time in schools. 

If there is one thing that we, parents, all have in common, it is dealing with the naming of school items. Before even starting the school year, this is the first priority. How many of you had to find the proper stickers, embroidery or markers that last…? 

Unfortunately most stickers easily peel off, markers are fading and embroidery is expensive. Then, difficult to prevent the swap of bags, not to mention the time spent with our “guilty” one at the “lost and found” items. Worst case scenario, find a new bag.

I decided to propose personalized and budget-friendly bags and stationeries.

After months of design work and dealing with suppliers, bugzbagz is proud to showcase its first set of more affordable, personalized with pressed tags, practical, foldable, light, insulated, easy to clean bags and stationeries. 

During the process, grown-ups asked for such type of light, insulated and foldable bags for their own purpose. The All-Rounder Flap bag was born. 

I want to build a long term relationship with my customers based on trust and reliability. I will be very much looking forward to your comments and exchanges on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you so much for your support.